C. elegans Cell-Cell Contact Map

This website is for querying and illustrating C. elegans Cell-Cell Contact Map (CCCCM).

The C. elegans cell-cell contact information can be queried via two ways. Users can type one cell's name in the search bar, for example 'MSaa', or click the cell name in a tree view on left side of the screen. The result will be shown in the 'Search Result' section.

The 'Search Result' section consists of three parts: a cell lineage tree, a cell-cell contact map and an information table.

The cell lineage tree illustrates cell division before 350-cell stage in C. elegans early embryo. In the tree, the queried cell is shown in red, while its contacting cells are shown in blue. The cell-cell contact map is a network shown below, in which the red node is the queried cell while others are its contacting cells. Users can click the edge to show the relative contact area value. The network contains contacts between the queried cell and its contacting cells, as well as contacts among the contacting cells. Users can uncheck the checkbox to show a network without contacts among the contacting cells. The contact information table shows each contact and the relative contact area value in each row.

Users can download the C. elegans cell-cell contact data in the 'Download' section.


The Cell-Cell contact data can be downloaded here.